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Trip to Kenya (Makindu)


After 40 years of my life I grew up in Mombasa/Kenya and then moved to Nairobi for primary school and graduated in Guru Nanak secondary College for education and learned some much about life in reality with poverty and richness from low, middle and high class people as so called themselves and believe we are different from these three categories the society has created the difference’s between all these classes, comes to nothing then the same level at all times.

In 1980 we immigrated from Kenya to United Kingdom and all of my family were homeless and we were supported by the British authorites in the Detention Camps for housing and thank them even today for there incentive and support for us to have a new life in the United Kingdom. Today I am still homeless in United Kingdom even after all these years I have tried too many times making steps for better and better life for the new generation of my own family.

Makindu Sikh Temple ( Recent Visit to this Temple for a reason)
I took the initiative to make a farewell dedication commitment to my creator and requested to stay here in the Sikh Temple to serve my last days in return to gain the gates of heaven but unfortunately I was denied to stay here to serve but instead offered me 4 days which was a great pleasure for me and making decisions in my life.

Took Some Pictures and Videos
People of Kenya need help and improvement from the riches of people’s and countries must support them with investing new roads, buildings, jobs, make them also the world’s richest countries they deserve.

Here are some pictures and videos of me visiting Makindu/Kenya.
Please support Kenya and the people of this country by subscribing my channel on youtube.

Please Click Below Here For Youtube Videos >>>
Makindu Town Mosque and Sikh Temple also the Local People

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