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Create a Custom Bicycle?

Air Horned Speakers

Produced from two simple chocolate tins, and put two 10 watt speaker tweeters in them and then made the covering and foamed inside the tins to give them crisp clear sound without distortion.

2.1 Speakers with Dual Tweeters.

I connected two slim speakers on the front for acoustic sound and surround when played drum n bass music or serious BASS lover’s.

Mid Speaker Compact size.

I connected then a one mid speaker at the rear of the seat providing the flow of the surround system with treble and bass accordingly.

Sub Woofer 6″ Slim.

Sub Woofer installed in the middle of the frame and with card board covered with sound proofing clothing black color.

Sound System Clear and BASS.

I used cheap speaker as a BASS for me to make the project work and then connected the real BASS.

Bicycle with Amp, Speakers and Bass.

I have uploaded a video for my project for you to view and see for yourself. You can download it and see offline If you want or try and make one like my custom system for the Pimped Bike.

Keeping your eyes and ears open for sounds and vibrations can make your day of the year,” said Cez, president of ViP4HiRE, a leading serving Individual in London. “Simple common sense and creativity with physics can bring a project you can not even think off.

Contact your ViP4HiRE Expert to a schedule a no-cost estimate of the bicycle project. For more details and finished project. >>> Click Here

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