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Sub Woofer System, UK

Sub Woofer Thunder Bass, UK

Increased air duct and capacity; greater reliability; residential HOME solutions for significant rumbling Bass; reduced Dolby Noise and vibration; as well as the room dimensions and correction of the thumping of the walls and floors providing the accurate treble and bass through the Sub Woofer.

Introduction to a Home Thunder Sub Woofer + 2.1 Speaker System with Linux Ubuntu Sound Output from a Computer with Power Supply Converted from 12 volt output to connect the 1500 watt  Car Amplifier.

1) Sub Woofers – x2 8″ Sub Woofers
2) Wiring from Car Kits – Speakers and Sub
3) Wooden Cabin – MDF and Sound Proof Clothing


Contractors claimed that the parts and combination of finishing allowed no more then 4 days to continue with designing and assembling the completion.


ViP4HiRE Experts proposed an all-inclusive, fixed-cost designing and assembling agreement of the period given and any replacement for a fraction of the cost.


ViP4HiRE Experts

April 2015 – May 2015


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