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Antalya | London

Drone DIY Kits, UK

Do It Yourself, Drone

Ordered these kits from and then connected all my parts together for with soldering and screwing the frames and then testing the drone and balancing the propellers making sure it is stabilized.


Contractors claimed the parts and system stabilized allowed options. Tested and Flew the Drone Indoor and Outdoor with balancing and stabilizing the fans and then attached more home button and led lighting.


ViP4HiRE Experts proposed an all-inclusive, assembled-cost production agreement to assume the responsibility for completion and testing, repairs, equipment replacement for a fraction of the cost. For more detailed and made to order projects with drones and custom build drones. >>> Click Here.

Deniz Panesar

ViP4HiRE Experts

May 2019 – June 2019


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