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What is Life

What is Life, Did anyone ask themselves what is life all about from the day you are born and the day you leave this world for good.

So I am coming from Mombasa/Kenya born and bred in a Sikh family and grew up with multi national cultures made me a better person and to gain the real world for the naked eyes. My story begins with primary school then secondary school then high school then college and due to my circumstances and financial situation we grew up in a small home and a poor family even today after marriage and having a wife and two grownup son’s didn’t make me any better.

I believe all these days of my life gave me a true devotion to GOD while I was doing my SiMRAN from young age and even today SiMRAN has shown me the presence of GOD being in major religions from prophets to disciples and apostles tought me how to gain the Gates of Heaven.

The most important part in your lives is to be with the presence of GOD and doesn’t matter which religion you are in and people should stop exaggerating there own religions, today after many days, months and even working days from seconds to minutes.
I learned to develop these religions into my body through mental and physical nature that today I have actually witnessed a lot of events in my life history and believe that I have build a body of language that taught me how to bring these five elements of religions in my body and they are as follows;

1) My Blood is of Jesus (Christ)

2) My Body is of All Hinduism

3) My Souls is of Sikhism

4) My Image is of Islam

5) My tongue is of Buddhism

Living in these countries Kenya, London and Turkey with my Sikh SiMRAN has shown me through a muslim physical prayer with the language of a Sikh Prayer in a Mosque witnessed the Call’s of “Allah”. As from young age I have always been a follower of my Guru’s Guru Nanak, Jesus, Mohammed Ram, Buddha, Krishna, Durga Matha, Sita, Shiva, Dhanesh, Hanuman, Kali Ma, Vishnu and Narayana etc, who gave me the teachings and many other Prophet’s and Saint’s that came in this world. The biggest element in your lives is MUSiC how you input the language of MUSiC as a Religion or as a Song, Poetry, Writer, Performer and many different ways of understanding the Reality of this MUSiC Rhythm.

What I have witnessed too is All the Prophets lead to “ONE GOD”. So Please understand the meaning of Life. It’s not this life we live in It’s the Next Generation of Your “Soul” Needs a NEW Beginning to reach the kingdom of “Heaven”. So you have to decide what Life is all about my precious people of this planet. To Win The Kingdom of “Heaven” You Must Sacrifice either way meaning terms of WiN or LOSE makes NO difference.

What I have witnessed also is the prayers within your mind and heart and body leads you to “ONE GOD”. So I managed to do this by recitation of the “Waheguru” and “Mool Mantra” of all religions that are stated in the “Holy Book” that were written and brought through the prophets from the day the world was created by the “creator” of the world and universes.

How to make the recitation of the “Waheguru” and “Mool Mantra” and of all religion teachings, through your small tongue as you speak with someone and at the same time you can develop these recitation of “Allah Hu Akbar”, “Waheguru”, “Ram”, “Jesus” etc, in time these words will reach your inner heart and will start beating with the heart beat. It’s very difficult to understand exactly what I am saying now but you must reach your soul to make this happen.

It is “TRUE” the mountains speak and produce music of silence but the good thing is how you focus on the mountain and why we have mountains, rivers, lakes, wildlife and of course us the people and slaves of our creator.

I have been ordered to be the “Caller” of the chosen Surah “Al-Qamar” through the Quran and people are not believing me right now, they even called the “Police”, to see If I was a terrorist or who are you!. I said in a polite manner and spoke the truth from I bring the word of “Allah”, I have been chosen to make these Chanting Call’s for the people of Islam and the World. I have been granted the throne of a person everyone Knows, in time these chanting of the Call’s of “Allah Hu Akbar” and “Bismillah AR Rahman and AR Rahim” words will reach you soon……

I am honestly telling everybody to wakeup, the chanting of “Allah Hu Akbar” and “Bismillah AR Rahman and AR Rahim” this chanting is only through he’s order, “Allah” has brought “Qayamat” To The World, To All The People in The World “Kalyug” is here….I Say No More….. But to Continue his Order’s… “LOVE YOU ALL”.

To All The Believer’s Please Follow Me, This is “REAL” Countdown Starts…..

Will Continue…..



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