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Freelance Work undertaken and can Provide you with Full Customer Services and Technical Support, HiRE Me for your Proposed interests in WEB Development, Domains, Hosting and Emails and Looking forward to make NEW Business Connections and Provide you the BEST of Services with my knowledge. Personal Projects at Home and Outdoor?.

Ready for a Thunder Sub Woofer?

Your home should have this too! Careful planning on sound cabin your home will ROCK!, Follow these five simple tips to prepare your home for a thunder rocking BASS from Dual Sub Woofers. >>> Click Here

Whether it’s a weekend road-trip or stay at the lake house, remember to follow some of these tips to add these to your hobbies.

1. How To make a Dual Sub Woofer that really ROCKS!.

If you decide to keep any of your old speakers, invest in a Sub Woofer for just $100 and It will give you just the pleasure of sound and bass in your home. LED lights can be installed for late evening parties or just relaxing on your OWN while watching movies.

2. Turn your Personal Computer into a Music Station.

While it’s important to keep your PC with some Software you need just to keep you home while you’re bored, Install Acoustica Mixcraft program in windows platform and then If you have a programmable mind that can configure your library full of beats, sounds, effects and last of all your voice. Take aTest Drive of My Home made Speakers System. >>> Click Here

3. Make your Own Drone from Aliexpress.

Small or Big Drone Projects. By unplugging your devices or using a smart Drone to create your hobby like project. >>> Click Here

4. Create your own Home Sound System.

Turn your HOME into “low” or “high” sound mode, by using your car audio speakers and making wooded cabins for your design and lighting projects .

5. Pimp your Bicycle with Real Sound and Led Lights:

If you only like riding a bike without music or lighting that’s fine. Why not make it a project of a life time by putting serious sound system and lighting on it while your ride and play music where ever you go. >>> Click Here

Whether it’s a weekend or daily ride in town or downtown, remember to plug in your iPhone or Android smartphone to your amplifier and ride.

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